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Shaintels was started in 2018. The name "Shaintel" is after my grandmother Shaindel Folk a'h. After reading an article in a Jewish weekly magazine regarding ordering Wigs from China, I started helping ladies order as well. Within a year I serviced over 500 clients, selling the wigs at cost price. As low as $300 and upward. Each client gives a $50 donation that covers the cost of wigs for Kallahs who are having difficulty covering wedding expenses. Its a win win situation. Clients get wigs cost price while having the honor of helping a bride. I pride myself on obtaining quality wigs. Wigs can be ordered in all sizes, lengths and colors, including beautiful highlights and hidden lace. We have a huge selection of over 100 full wigs for you to try on and purchase immediately, or you can choose to place a custom order for full wigs, falls and pony wigs! I am privileged to have Lauren Eissenberger, a highly talented shaitel macher offering her services for any client and kallahs at a reduced cost to keep the overall purchase affordable.
We are located in Spring Valley, NY. 
Everybody is welcome!
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Chana Leah Schlisselfeld

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